by Atomic Potato

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This is the last and final Atomic Potato record (2014). In the middle of recording this record there was a major roadblock with drama and not able to focus and I was on a bunch of medications so a lot of the tracks might be sloppy, but here it is anyway, enjoy it peeps!


released June 3, 2018

Robby Sager - Guitar, Vocals, Horns
Ben Idle - Trumpet
Billy Menke - Drums
Ben Seitz - Bass
Luke Shows - Guitar


all rights reserved


Track Name: The News is Murder!
I load it up

to read the news

don't have the time

to pick or choose

I want to live

I want to breathe

Don't ask me when

It's time to leave

The road is long and the signs always wrong

So we rewrite the past until we're

all dead & Gone.



I lost a job

what else is new

Follow the rules

Prepare review

an open mind

is hard to find

so sit and judge

quick press rewind

I disagree so

scream at me

until I can't find peace and

my brain just bleeds



Punk is dead get a job

Fuck this thread and turn the knob

Give your body to the mob

Crack the case and be like...
Track Name: A Long Way to Go
I'm trying to think from a new point of view
I'm still coming to grips with all the shit i've been through
Know its hard to change but I'm willing damnit
This entire year is all fucked and its going to waste

I did it again
Stopped listening to my friends
And I won't hear the end of it
Because I gave up and I dropped out and quit

Started drinking about an hour ago
About 3 beers in and I've got a long way to go
I'm still sober because I'm taking it slow
About 3 beers in and I've got a long way to go

Oh woah oh oh oh oh
Oh woah oh oh

Have a lot of trouble setting limits
I rode my bike for hours so now I'm burnt to a crisp
Trying to stay in shape for whatever reason and
I want to be outside because summer is the season

Well those dreams aren't dead
But can't take back anything I said
And they will hear the end of it
Because they all dropped out and quit

Started drinkin two hours ago
About 5 beers in and I've got a long way to go
(Unintelligible) some girl that I don't even know
About 5 beers in and I've got a long way to go

Oh woah oh oh oh oh
Oh woah oh oh

Now tell me who cares that I shaved this week?

and who cares that I brush my teeth?

and who cares that I'm always alone?

and who cares that I'm stranded here at home?
Track Name: Crash Landing
It was a long damn weekend

started friday at amanda's house

did a few shots in the kitchen and then we

drove to newport and dropped my shit off

and then I dived into the tequila

mixed with cranberry juice or something

it had a bitter aftertaste but after that

was gone I was flying around like superman

I'm Superman!

Fat drunk and stupid is no way to go through life son

before I knew it

we were chilling in the southgate house

free white russians from anthony

say hi to Peyton! FUCK I MEAN TROY

I apologized and then I ran into Jon from the dopamines

Not the blonde one but the tall one and I gave him

something to fix his strings. Then i went upstairs

tried not to spill my drink and rocked out with a band from

Out of Town

I might need to relax and just slow down

the band were really fuckin good

But the sound was fuckin bad

After they were done I took a seat

and blacked out puked all over my

descendents shirt

and lost touch with Earth

I opened and closed my eyes

the rest of the night was spent outside

my ass was glued to the stairs

sorry Lauren and Erica i'm temporarily hearing impaired

saturday went kinda slow

it really hurts when your this hungover

stayed in bed all day and watched movies

on the channel comedy central

Sunday came and then it went

pretty fast

I guess now I'm learning some sort of


If your gonna drink so much

And make an ass out of yourself

you should remember where the

bathroom is

Or just don't drink at all

just don't drink at all

Ok maybe 1 beer is fine

2 Beers won't hurt you and 3

Is the bottom line
Track Name: 22
So sick and
So tired
Can't meet my expectations
Dodging traffic
an hour drive back
at least I've got corndogs in the freezer

That's how things go up here on the Parkview
That's how things go when you're hanging out at 22
Track Name: I Kicked Scott Pilgrim's Ass!
Dear Paul,

It's been 11 months since I saw you

Its seven days that a week goes into

Do you remember that movie we saw too?

I met Scott Pilgrim and I kicked his ass!
He didn't stand a chance as if his winning streak would last
And I know it doesn't mean a goddamn thing because that
precious little life was just a passing fling

Ramona, where are you now?
Your evil exes they can go to hell

Got no money in the bank
And the van has gone to shit
The price was so damn high
I nearly left the band to quit
But here we are again
Roasted smelly drunken men
I feel her in my heart
So let's go push it in restart

I met Ramona and she kicked my ass
I didn't stand a chance because my ass was on the grass
My research was all wrong you can hear it in the song
Chasing women in a realm you don't belong

I've lost control

Summer rain
Fall comes down on me
Winter is a shame
Spring is where we belong
Track Name: Doc
I wake up
get my head on straight.
Tell myself it's never too late...
Depression seems to twist and shatter my spine.
You're gonna have to take some pills
It's for ya to relax and it's for your good will
Like that good herb didn't do that for me anyway.
I can't believe it!

It was a Friday night
my mother was scared
I said I'm doing this alone doc I knew that you cared.
But frustration always seems to flare up in my veins.
I got a new school
Billy already paid
the flash the stash the cash am I
gonna get laid?
The white and black said take the highway
The interglobal super connection!
You keep me up my baby!
Launch another ship to see you once again!
I keep you up my darling
But that episode is far away
So what the hell Ms. President Molly?
It's a hill we're running up then falling
Mother Marie is caring for her A+ Student
A little way to lose it all to pay the rent
A little way to go until I can pay my rent
Track Name: Clouds Don't Care
Drum drum drums
Track Name: Skydiving 4 Dummies
It's cold it's dry
It's nice outside
And I don't want nothin to bother me
Put on my clothes and then I step outside
It's gonna be a big damn day
my destination so far awway
Lost it all to the man
Gobbled up and swallowed my pride
I see you runnin' round in circles
Stuck in the same old shit again
And you say
That you won't play
But I insist
That you live for today!
Don't question you're alive
The moon still turns the tide
My arms are open wide
Reach up and touch the sky
But the sky isn't very high
when you're two feet aren't glued to the ground
The ocean churns you're just a fish you have to
push to swim around
and no matter where it carries you I'll always be nearby
So try... and don't lie... let's skydive!

It's hot , it's wet I'm not done yet
I could decay and rot just like that
Plugged up and drained out until I die
We're headed for a nuclear war
Noone gives a shit and we lock up our doors
Just hide away and sufficate
There's no will to change our fate
So now we're runnin round in circles
Stuck in the same fucking shit again
and you claim
that you won't fight
or take a stand
then you party all night!
Give me your reasons why
Breathe in exhale and sigh
Don't let life pass you by
Reach up and touch the sky
The sky isn't very high when you pick yourself up off the ground
and I will lend a helping hand if you can be real can you hear the sound?
It's on your television, on the radio
It's all over the internet
That you aren't dead
It's not over yet
Let's not forget!

I stare out the window
Visions oh so clear
The reminder screams loudly that
The end is surely near
But death doesn't scare me
It's what lies in store
Death doesn't scare me
It's what lies in store
My heart beats so slowly
I lie my head on the floor
and go to sleep
I won't break I'll just bend
It keeps me so calm that you're still my friend
And if we crash and we fall
Nothingness prevails
Family and relationships are permanently stale
The echoes still wail!
the echoes will still wail
the echoes will still wail
walk the earth drink some ale
Track Name: Twisted Legends
Don't you think it's kind of sad
when you don't know what to do
when you sit around the house and your ass is stuck it's glued
to the bed, the couch the seat and you can't get on your feet?
and every day seems the same to me

I used to give it all I had
now I think I'm kind of glad
that our existence is a host
a parasite rogue cells gone mad
so fuck society I'm gonna do whats right for me
and I don't care what they preach I can see

These twisted legends
it's written in the stone
we give our blood
work to the bone
for twisted legends
it's a contrived fantasy

Come get me I'm
falling off the track and I may be
never coming back
I'm off to
far and distant lands
and I don't have a lot to pack
yeah I don't need a fucking thing
in fact exactly what I'll bring is
a guitar and myself to sing because
we are all a mess, a bit obsessed with kanye west
and the license agreement won't let me
talk about this pest
so I'll be careful what I say
I can't go back up the wrong way
we're so afraid to leave the nest

these twisted legends
they're written in the stone
we give our blood
work to the bone
for twisted legends
a classic fiction fantasy
Track Name: I O U
we didn't go far in that rusty old car
didn't make much sense to me
why do you whine when it's only a dime
and you turn it into responsibility

I see inherited from your parents class
so when you come to me to collect your fee
you can kiss my ass Oh

Structured ideals
noone really cares
selfish mindless
finance your new wares
so when it comes to
what you want from it
honest to god I'm telling you that
I don't owe you shit
I don't owe you shit
Track Name: Sad Drunk
This is the result of a panic attack
I'll explain it better once I get my clarity back
When that day comes we will reconcile
I'll make it worth your while

I feel like every other breath is a waste
I'll die if I don't get my ass out of this place
I know this path can only lead one way
but I live for today

I think I'll drink myself yea another beer
To waste away a pointless sad
lesson here
I'd like to say I'm just apathetic
but really I'm pathetic

ohhh I feel so pathetic
ahhh I feel so pathetic
I feel so pathetic... right now

So many days I wish I didn't exist
I could put all those reasons on a list
but once I have them all written out
I'd have no doubt

Sometimes I think just about
how dumb I am
and I wonder if my friends give a damn
and maybe tell them I'm just a joke
this thought makes me joke

I'm just another happy
funloving guy I should drink more to ensure
I don't cry
We all know nobody likes a sad drunk
There's more beer in the trunk

I feel so pathetic
I feel so pathetic
I feel so pathetic now

At least I have a couple of awesome friends
with the help of them I guess I could transcend
and leave all of this fucking drinking behind
so I can keep my mind

I guess this doesn't haven't have to be goodbye
if I said everything sucked that'd be a lie
But I think I may never drink again
cause you're a special friend

You help me more than I'd ever let you know
Cuz I never let all of my feelings show
I hide everything behind this grin
but I let you in
Track Name: this is hell.
123 Hut!

Decomposed heathens

I know you see them

So you try all you can

But I don't want this package man!

We rush through the night

We can't glow tonight

This is hell!

This is hell!

This is hell!

This is hell!


And I declare to my father's stare

To my mother's NO... we're already there

Sick ... 1, 2... I can't pick you!?

What this world is coming to!?

It's work! It's work! It's work! It's fine!

It's money it's time...

He's going he's rushing out to the stories

Here we go push him down to the bottom of the stairs.

No we can't light a cigarette on the stage

Lit a cigarette and your capital takes a bet

Pour an olive take an olive see if you can see

Whitie took your pot we're the Atomic Family.

This is hell!

This is hell!

this is hell.

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