The Last Wave The World Will Ever See

by Atomic Potato

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The Last Wave EP 2016 by Atomic Potato


released August 30, 2016

Written summer 2012
Recorded Winter 2012-2015 at New Fidelity Studios
additional tracking at BR Productions in Cincinnati, OH

Song written by Robby Sager, Joey Schultz and Luke Shows

Robby Sager - Guitars, Trumpet, Vocals
Ben Idle - Trombone
Luke Shows - Lead Guitar
Joey S - Lyrics/Direction
Billy Menke - Drums
Ben Seitz - Sick Bass Guitar

Chris Grannen - Engineering

Mixed and Mastered @ the House of Blues Recording Studio in Encino, California by Maxwell Moon


all rights reserved


Track Name: No Bad Romance
I mean what I say and I do what I do
What does it mean, why does it matter to you?
I've got these idea with no time to explain
Problems we face with no reason to complain
Well we disappear thats one thing for sure
When you anticipate the end then you stop living your life
and if you give up and quit don't think I won't throw a fit
pieces tied together so loosely I'm bleeding my time profusely
control the flow put down the gun confess the truth you mothers son
or fade away and do nothing

Somebody please read a story to me
or give me some drugs to help me to sleep
was losing control and they think I'm insane
stealing prescriptions to kill and end my pain
its so easy to think you're so secure
because once you flee the scene they won't be fighting for
for you to stay and for you to care
because to me I was never there
I will remain, I will forget all the things that haven't hurt me yet
don't get caught or get shot down these words escape me as I drown
yeah we'll drown
I can't breathe when you're never around
Track Name: The Last Wave
One day the chemicals in the sky will blot out the sun
and one day the land below will be pollluted, dried out and die
The oceans black and so are the river's running course will pick it up
for you to spark a nuclear war the dying planet will boil but

Carry on to the last wave the world will ever see
and be calm or you will miss the chance to see the greenery

One day the trash will swell
Tsunamis break and rise into the sky
So no swimming tonight
and you will be surely dragged down under
the Earth will be engulfed in shrapnel
The breakage transform into the refuse sea
The ebb and flow unchanged why even

Keep calm for the last wave the world will ever see and
carry on to the last wave the world will ever see

I stopped the world and went with you
You saw the difference and its getting better I suppose

I'll have me, my dislodged door my board to the other side
So take my hand and come with me
We'll pedal to the other end of the sea
Track Name: Head Doesn't Match Body
Being a human being
Isn't all it seems
Being a humankind
lets all rewind
ha ha ha
Oh rewind
Track Name: Fourever
Skydiving 4 Dummies (2013 demo)

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