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This song is about a couple of times that I ended up hospitalized and my struggle with Bipolar Disorder. It also is a cry out for the legalization of marijuana as it is a valid medicine and has helped me out with my struggles with anxiety, depression and insomnia, but sure... lets keep it inaccessible and fuel drug cartels and the underground black market. This song also talks about my plans to go back to college and asking my mom to help me pay rent because I couldn't come up with any money after I lost my job.


I wake up
get my head on straight.
Tell myself it's never too late...
Depression seems to twist and shatter my spine.
You're gonna have to take some pills
It's for ya to relax and it's for your good will
Like that good herb didn't do that for me anyway.
I can't believe it!

It was a Friday night
my mother was scared
I said I'm doing this alone doc I knew that you cared.
But frustration always seems to flare up in my veins.
I got a new school
Billy already paid
the flash the stash the cash am I
gonna get laid?
The white and black said take the highway
The interglobal super connection!
You keep me up my baby!
Launch another ship to see you once again!
I keep you up my darling
But that episode is far away
So what the hell Ms. President Molly?
It's a hill we're running up then falling
Mother Marie is caring for her A+ Student
A little way to lose it all to pay the rent
A little way to go until I can pay my rent


from Redemption, released June 3, 2018


all rights reserved


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