Sad Drunk

from by Atomic Potato

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This song is about being sad and drunk.


This is the result of a panic attack
I'll explain it better once I get my clarity back
When that day comes we will reconcile
I'll make it worth your while

I feel like every other breath is a waste
I'll die if I don't get my ass out of this place
I know this path can only lead one way
but I live for today

I think I'll drink myself yea another beer
To waste away a pointless sad
lesson here
I'd like to say I'm just apathetic
but really I'm pathetic

ohhh I feel so pathetic
ahhh I feel so pathetic
I feel so pathetic... right now

So many days I wish I didn't exist
I could put all those reasons on a list
but once I have them all written out
I'd have no doubt

Sometimes I think just about
how dumb I am
and I wonder if my friends give a damn
and maybe tell them I'm just a joke
this thought makes me joke

I'm just another happy
funloving guy I should drink more to ensure
I don't cry
We all know nobody likes a sad drunk
There's more beer in the trunk

I feel so pathetic
I feel so pathetic
I feel so pathetic now

At least I have a couple of awesome friends
with the help of them I guess I could transcend
and leave all of this fucking drinking behind
so I can keep my mind

I guess this doesn't haven't have to be goodbye
if I said everything sucked that'd be a lie
But I think I may never drink again
cause you're a special friend

You help me more than I'd ever let you know
Cuz I never let all of my feelings show
I hide everything behind this grin
but I let you in


from Redemption, released June 3, 2018


all rights reserved


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