Skydiving 4 Dummies

from by Atomic Potato

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I wrote this song in the summer of 2012. I was working at a warehouse in Kentucky and I came up with the entire song while waiting on my clothes to be washed and dried at a Laundromat. Death doesn't scare me, it motivates me, I always try to make the most of every situation.


It's cold it's dry
It's nice outside
And I don't want nothin to bother me
Put on my clothes and then I step outside
It's gonna be a big damn day
my destination so far awway
Lost it all to the man
Gobbled up and swallowed my pride
I see you runnin' round in circles
Stuck in the same old shit again
And you say
That you won't play
But I insist
That you live for today!
Don't question you're alive
The moon still turns the tide
My arms are open wide
Reach up and touch the sky
But the sky isn't very high
when you're two feet aren't glued to the ground
The ocean churns you're just a fish you have to
push to swim around
and no matter where it carries you I'll always be nearby
So try... and don't lie... let's skydive!

It's hot , it's wet I'm not done yet
I could decay and rot just like that
Plugged up and drained out until I die
We're headed for a nuclear war
Noone gives a shit and we lock up our doors
Just hide away and sufficate
There's no will to change our fate
So now we're runnin round in circles
Stuck in the same fucking shit again
and you claim
that you won't fight
or take a stand
then you party all night!
Give me your reasons why
Breathe in exhale and sigh
Don't let life pass you by
Reach up and touch the sky
The sky isn't very high when you pick yourself up off the ground
and I will lend a helping hand if you can be real can you hear the sound?
It's on your television, on the radio
It's all over the internet
That you aren't dead
It's not over yet
Let's not forget!

I stare out the window
Visions oh so clear
The reminder screams loudly that
The end is surely near
But death doesn't scare me
It's what lies in store
Death doesn't scare me
It's what lies in store
My heart beats so slowly
I lie my head on the floor
and go to sleep
I won't break I'll just bend
It keeps me so calm that you're still my friend
And if we crash and we fall
Nothingness prevails
Family and relationships are permanently stale
The echoes still wail!
the echoes will still wail
the echoes will still wail
walk the earth drink some ale


from Redemption, released June 3, 2018


all rights reserved


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