Brainwreck EP

by Atomic Potato

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This isn't an obsession with the past...

recorded summer 2011 this set of songs tells the tale of a titanic struggle that occurred in the summer of 2010, this album recounts events, uses a musical time machine bicycle to take us through the struggles, the downfall, the long slumber and then the rebuilding process mentally and financially of a band that nearly was nearly dead.

dealing with constant regret, confusion and weird soul-searchy junk... This is the atomic Brainwreck EP...



released December 31, 2011

Robby Sager - Guitar, Trumpet, Keyboard, Piano, Programming
Ben Idle - Trombone, Vocals
Luke Shows - Bass, Vocals
Scott Lewis - Vocals
Joey Schultz - Screams


all rights reserved


Track Name: Welcome
Welcome to the dojo!
Track Name: A Long Way to Go
I'm trying to think from a new point of view
I'm still coming to grips with all the shit i've been through
Know its hard to change but I'm willing damnit
This entire year is all fucked and its going to waste

I did it again
Stopped listening to my friends
And I won't hear the end of it
Because I gave up and I dropped out and quit

Started drinking about an hour ago
About 3 beers in and I've got a long way to go
I'm still sober because I'm taking it slow
About 3 beers in and I've got a long way to go

Oh woah oh oh oh oh
Oh woah oh oh

Have a lot of trouble setting limits
I rode my bike for hours so now I'm burnt to a crisp
Trying to stay in shape for whatever reason and
I want to be outside because summer is the season

Well those dreams aren't dead
But can't take back anything I said
And they will hear the end of it
Because they all dropped out and quit

Started drinkin two hours ago
About 5 beers in and I've got a long way to go
Hitting on this girl that I don't even know
About 5 beers in and I've got a long way to go

Oh woah oh oh oh oh
Oh woah oh oh

Now tell me who cares that I shaved this week?

and who cares that I brush my teeth?

and who cares that I'm always alone?

and who cares that I'm stranded here at home?
Track Name: Post Tour Stress Disorder (BTTFIV 1991)
I. (1991)
Well this isn't an obsession with the past

Its just some major dissatisfaction with where i'm at

Taking a week off no computer games or television

Just biking, playing music, drinking beer and eating pizza

Cell phone doesn't work do my friends care where I'm at?

As I ride along the river getting tired feeling fat

Suck it up and push on there s no time to bitch and moan

Bigger problems still like car and student loans

so much time we waste these days its

really quite a shame

We could all be working harder

Instead of sitting around being lame

I speak of who i was different not so long ago

To make things right you have to learn how to let it go

20 Years ago

We weren't so split up by the internet

No twitter feeds or facebook reading

For hours and hours on end

Gas was hella lot cheaper

Life's outlook less bleaker

You had to on the radio to

Find some tunes

and they got a hold of you

II. (Back to the Future IV)
Fidgeting in my chair

Relaxing in conditioned air

Well I'd call it relaxing if I wasn't nursing these 3rd degree

sunburns all over my arms

The pain is quite unbearable but I'm sure it could be worse

I could be letting my brain stew

Just watching reruns but at this time theres nothing new

Oversaturation of entertainment in our lives

Babies from the 80s growing up and getting wise

Feeling numb and getting dumb may work out fine for a few

But wanted more than what I've got so sick I need to start anew
Growing up and getting older
makes you cynical I guess
When you take away your childhood friends
You don't miss them any less
I know it can't last forever and
sometimes you have to let go
But for now lets keep it going and
Say on with the show

Track Name: 00:00 (Time... Sucks.)
Is it time for bed yet?
I'm craving another snack
can't look myself in the mirror
too bad I don't smoke crack

My motivation left my body
about 8 hours ago when I woke up
trying to push through hours
so I can lay down and my head will
Useless isn't how I feel
This aggravation stems from something real
I could put myself inside your shoes but then
I'd clamor to get out
I'm tensing up
I'm waiting for
Today to end
The more I dwell the more I smell
the stench of insignificance

If I had a bigger part to play
don't you think that I would
Know what to do now?

Take a deep breath
Try not to overthink
Stay still and receive this mental fax
Find a path and you won't have to worry
Where is this supposed to take me
I don't want a lot but its getting quite a chore
Gotta depend on other people
and it takes money to go on tour
Effort is another thing
110% or quit
Candy is great but fruits and grains come first
and I'm constantly
In this war with my body
Shouldn't have even become any kind of issue
Just eat when your hungry
Don't go overboard to stay true
This hour isn't quite over god I wish
That I was tired so I could drop my pen
and go to bed again
and when it's worked itself through
you'll have a family and a dog to go home to

I need to make some calls and get in good with the local rappers so I can
shine upon this scene and fill the people with laughter
Yes that was a joke because on stage
I'd freestyle and I'd choke
When I open my mouth to spit some rhymes this is
what you'd hear
Hello there audience my name is Robertfail in high school
Green Day was my favorite band, and NOFX and Eminem taught me well
I might be pissed or I might be happy you don't care if the beats phat right?
Well prepare yourself for some punk ass shit i'm gonna take you through the night

This isn't what you paid for
So KILL ME stop this and end this song right now and
Delete this song from the download folder

Where were was I at... oh yeah...
I was complaining about the time
Drop the vice and get your mind off the floor so
Welcome to the Dojo
Time to become a man
Your training consists of
Pushing yourself harder every day
You'll Learn self Discipline, how to hold up to your honor
There are no rewards just self respect
Now after all this has worked itself through
You'll have a family and a dog to go home to
And you can thank yourself and a little boy named blue
Track Name: The Brainwreck
She won't pick up the phone
Why am I torturing myself like this (Throw it out)
I left them
Or did they leave me? (Sickening confusion and I can't go back)
I'm a sucker I'm a con
Barrelling down the
Highway singing this song
And my tank is running low
Re calc ulate
The destination of this
Fucked up broadway show
Have you ever
Thought of your life and a vehicle
On a crash course with death
is anyone thinking of you
While your thinking of them?
Well I'm...
Track Name: Umbrella
Hangin over my head
as I walk the streets
my feet are soaking wet
I yell at you but you can't hear a thing
If you could yell at me
I think we'd hear the same
Nothing was bothering me
was lost and didn't care
Refused to board the train
although I paid the fare
Coarsing through my brain
I smoked that joint
and now I've gone insane
The taxi came
Driver got me taco bell
Dropped me right back here
Its a mental prison and living hell
Chicago, Illinois
can you hear me shouting loud?
Notify authorities
a maniac is about!
(He's a hero without a clue)

A power strip hangs from the streetlight
The thunder was so damn loud I thought it was a Nuclear bomb
Banging this stringless guitar I got from a stranger
Now I just want my mom

Here I sit alone with checkered walls
The rose I bought is wilting a petal falls
I can see the plane
A reflection in the window tells me a million things I can't understand
Why don't you make me rich
And we'll play to thousands at the celebration
when I'm old Seth can roast me on national TV
and the story ends here because
I passed it over and I
left with my family
Track Name: Paper Clips and Coffee Mugs
Butterflies, Some poorly produced dubstep remix of Don't Take it Away, There's No Speed Limit in Scott's Ass, Crash Landing, Adventure in The Summertime, My Chair

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