Crash Landing

from by Atomic Potato

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This song takes us back to 2011 when I got blackout drunk at a very huge show at the Southgate House in Newport, KY. It was not the best of nights. I had a 2 day hangover after the show at Ben's house.


It was a long damn weekend

started friday at amanda's house

did a few shots in the kitchen and then we

drove to newport and dropped my shit off

and then I dived into the tequila

mixed with cranberry juice or something

it had a bitter aftertaste but after that

was gone I was flying around like superman

I'm Superman!

Fat drunk and stupid is no way to go through life son

before I knew it

we were chilling in the southgate house

free white russians from anthony

say hi to Peyton! FUCK I MEAN TROY

I apologized and then I ran into Jon from the dopamines

Not the blonde one but the tall one and I gave him

something to fix his strings. Then i went upstairs

tried not to spill my drink and rocked out with a band from

Out of Town

I might need to relax and just slow down

the band were really fuckin good

But the sound was fuckin bad

After they were done I took a seat

and blacked out puked all over my

descendents shirt

and lost touch with Earth

I opened and closed my eyes

the rest of the night was spent outside

my ass was glued to the stairs

sorry Lauren and Erica i'm temporarily hearing impaired

saturday went kinda slow

it really hurts when your this hungover

stayed in bed all day and watched movies

on the channel comedy central

Sunday came and then it went

pretty fast

I guess now I'm learning some sort of


If your gonna drink so much

And make an ass out of yourself

you should remember where the

bathroom is

Or just don't drink at all

just don't drink at all

Ok maybe 1 beer is fine

2 Beers won't hurt you and 3

Is the bottom line


from Redemption, released June 3, 2018


all rights reserved


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