Twisted Legends

from by Atomic Potato

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This song is about a spiritual struggle and a battle with corrupt churches around the world. It is also about my longtime wish to move away to California and start a new life. "Twisted Legends" was also a guild I was in, in World of Warcraft. Yes, I'm a nerd.


Don't you think it's kind of sad
when you don't know what to do
when you sit around the house and your ass is stuck it's glued
to the bed, the couch the seat and you can't get on your feet?
and every day seems the same to me

I used to give it all I had
now I think I'm kind of glad
that our existence is a host
a parasite rogue cells gone mad
so fuck society I'm gonna do whats right for me
and I don't care what they preach I can see

These twisted legends
it's written in the stone
we give our blood
work to the bone
for twisted legends
it's a contrived fantasy

Come get me I'm
falling off the track and I may be
never coming back
I'm off to
far and distant lands
and I don't have a lot to pack
yeah I don't need a fucking thing
in fact exactly what I'll bring is
a guitar and myself to sing because
we are all a mess, a bit obsessed with kanye west
and the license agreement won't let me
talk about this pest
so I'll be careful what I say
I can't go back up the wrong way
we're so afraid to leave the nest

these twisted legends
they're written in the stone
we give our blood
work to the bone
for twisted legends
a classic fiction fantasy


from Redemption, released June 3, 2018


all rights reserved


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